7 Easy Steps to Inviting a Friend to Church

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Christmas is a great time to invite your friends, neighbors, and family to church. More of them are willing to come to church on Christmas than any other Sunday.

Here are seven steps you can take to offer a pleasant, respectful invitation for anyone to visit your church on Christmas Eve.

1. Decide you want to do this. Christmas Eve is a busy time. You’ll have to carve out a slice of that night to spend with people who aren’t family and won’t be giving you presents.

2. Say what’s good about the service.  “Our pastor has interesting sermons" or “The candle lighting is absolutely gorgeous.” Whatever you like about Christmas Eve, say that.

3. Offer to host. Walking into a church for the first time is daunting, even for churched people. Meet them at church, in the parking lot, or offer to pick them up.

4. Be clear about the time and place. 

5. Don’t attach strings. People will respond best when they sense that you are simply offering something to them, not asking something from them.

6. Actually invite them. “You’d be most welcome” won’t get anybody there. Offer an actual invitation, complete with call to action. “I think you’d really like it, and I would love to have you join me. What do you say?”

7. Take no for an answer. Inviting is part of relationship building, and this is no time for the hard sell. Let the Holy Spirit handle it from there.


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