Give the Gift of a Christian Education

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Give the Gift of a Christian Education

One of our St. John Lutheran School families is from Burma. Their kids attend our school and they are all members of the Kachin Baptist Church in Indianapolis. Their Pastor, Rev. Dr. Jum Maw San Awng, brought the family to our school and shared that, "Christians are under attack in our home country. St. John is doing international missions by providing a Christian education to our children. We want our children to serve as pastors, missionaries, teachers, engineers, or however God calls them to serve in Burma after their U.S. education. It is not possible to get this education now in Burma.”

An article from Fox News in August stated, "Christians are suffering from a less visible but brutal mistreatment and ethnic cleansing campaign at the hands of the Burmese Army, according to aid agencies, human rights groups and U.S. officials. The campaign against the Christians, which according to estimates has displaced at least 100,000 people, has also left thousands stranded in the Burmese jungle terrain, either from fleeing heavy bombing, or living in fear of what will come when the current monsoon season ends."

A Christian school education is not financially possible for some families. This school year, St. John Lutheran School has 20 families that qualify and need a Tax Credit Scholarship. Tax Credit Scholarships, better known as “SGO Scholarships”, are scholarships awarded by Scholarship Granting Organizations to low- and middle-income families to help them afford the nonpublic school of their choice. SGOs were enacted in 2009 and have been expanded in subsequent years as a key component of the Indiana School Choice effort. Donations to fund SGO scholarships feature a 50% state tax credit for the donor.

These SGO Scholarships have allowed our Burmese family to attend our school and the kingdom impact of this will be great. We need your help to continue raising the funds to give these scholarships to our families in need.

We encourage you to give on-line Be sure to designate St. John Lutheran School, Indianapolis, IN. You can also send a check by mail using this form found on the Welcome Center.

We still do not know the status of the SGO with the federal deduction, nor how the increase in the standard exemption will affect overall giving. However, we do know that the state’s 50% SGO tax credit is here to stay … and perhaps will play an even more important role in your charitable and financial planning.

Have questions, concerns, or need help with the form: Contact: Ivonne Zimmer: or phone 317-352-9196.


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