Quilt Ministry

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Did you know that St. John has a quilt ministry? 

There are six ladies that meet monthly to tie quilts that are made by 2-3 people. The quilts are made with material, blankets, sheets, etc. donate by our own St. John family. We have also utilized the Thrivent grants to buy additional supplies.  

You might recall on October 6th & 7th, we had some of these quilts on display. We asked our St. John family with help to defray the cost of shipping the quilts to the countries where there is a need. We are thankful for the $543 collected that weekend.

After that weekend, the 43 quilts were boxed and transported to Ft. Wayne and 18 of them went to Chicago. The quilts then left Ft. Wayne and were transported to Lutheran World Relief in Baltimore.  Lutheran World Relief then shipped the quilts around the world where there is a need. 


If you would like to know more about this ministry, when to help tie quilts, or have a love for quilt making, please contact Phyllis Fleischer at 


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