We invite you to connect with others in our education classes for adults. Our time is designed to help you engage in a community with teaching, prayer and ministry. Most of our education classes meet on Sunday mornings from 9:30 to 10:15 a.m.

How Do I Choose?

First, pick a topic that you're interested in. Next, feel free to visit several classes to get a feel for the topic and interaction. Also, pray that God will lead you to the class that He has in mind for you.

Contact: Rick Kerr for more information.


Class Listing:

Church History - Paul Johnson (Room 211)

Join this class and take a tour through topics from Christian and religious history, as well as other religions and beliefs, led by Paul Johnson. 

Stuff They Didn't Teach Me in Sunday School - Jared Burns and Derek Smith (Commons Courtyard)

This weekly study combines a brief video with a more in-depth class discussion of passages from Scripture to learn about the cultural context of biblical peoples, areas, and practices we encounter in God's Word.

Current Events Through the Eyes of Faith - Rick Kerr (Media Center)

Join us for a weekly discussion of “breaking news” in a biblical context and how we can apply scripture passages as they relate to events covered that week.

Reasons for Faith - Terrell Clemmons (Room 209)

Are there good reasons for believing in God, or for relying on the Bible? This class combines video-based lectures on biblical history, reliability, and apologetics with in-class discussions.