Small Groups

Small groups are a great way to get connected with others in a personal setting. Groups at St. John usually meet in the homes of members once or twice a month.

Small groups allow you to:


  • develop relationships
  • learn more about God
  • get involved in serving  
  • live life on a mission


Some resources are available at Church, others may be purchased from Concordia Publishing House, and we have access to over a thousand video based studies through our subscription to Rightnow Media.

If you are interested in accessing our resources, exploring a small group, or if you would like to find out how to host one in your home, simply let me know.

Contact: Paul Johnson, Director of Outreach and Assimilation, 317-352-9196.


Small Group Testimonial:

Michelle and I are preparing to launch a Small Group this fall at our home here in Cumberland. We've been wanting to host a long-term Bible study in our home for years and are just now starting it up after getting some training and encouragement. This Small Group will start in September after a summer of get-togethers for us to acquaint ourselves with some newer members.

Our Small Group will consist of three alternating elements: Bible study, fellowship and missional living. We'll facilitate the Bible study in order to strengthen the group's understanding of scripture and allow us to discuss how we apply God's word in our lives. Missional living means that we are sent (on a mission) to share the gospel message in the communities in which we live.  Fellowship events will allow us to socialize and celebrate our connection as children of God.

Small groups bring people together in a setting that's more relaxed and more intimate than church, allowing people to be more transparent in sharing their thoughts, joys and struggles of life.  Being around a small group of other Christians with like interests and/or similar life stages allows us to build connections and support each other. This is a huge faith-building opportunity.  Friendships are built, ­people can learn about the love of Jesus together and share opportunities to put faith into action. 


Derek and Michelle Smith