St. John holds different fundraisers throughout the school year:

Fall Fundraiser

Please support our St. John PTL & School by purchasing $10 Mums! Sale ends Aug. 24th with flowers being delivered for pick up Sept. 5th. You may order with a form or use this sale link to order online. If you have any questions, please contact Nicole Hartley on Fast Direct.

Friday Jean Days

For only $30, your child is able to wear jeans with a school appropriate polo or a St. John t-shirt EVERY Friday. (Family maximum of $60)

Not sure you want to commit to the entire year? You may pay $15 per semester ($30 family maximum)

All proceeds will benefit the St. John Athletics program, Scrabble teams, and the Robotics Team.

How can you seize this amazing opportunity?

  1. Send cash or a check made out to St. John and hand to your child’s teacher.
  2. Pay online via Fast Direct. Just add your amount in the General Fees Section
  3. Please remember no patches, rips, or tears, in the jeans.


This is a spring event. Students obtain sponsors by sending out letters to family, friends, and acquaintances. Donors are asked for a one-time donation. Letters are usually sent in April, with the walk scheduled for middle May. Proceeds from this event are used to continue the work started with funds from the Fall Sale.  This is the second of two major fund raisers each year.


Scrip is "fundraising while you shop." You can create a family account by going to Use our school code F24EF13E2223 and begin shopping through many different vendors for a variety of products. A percentage of your purchase will be given back to St. John. Questions? Contact: Paul Johnson at 317-352-9196.

Other Fund Raising

In addition to the main activities listed above, smaller fund-raisers are also conducted through the year by the Athletic Boosters, Scrabble Club, and other organizations associated with the school.