Grades 5-8

Students in grades 5-8 dive into challenging content areas as well as explore their gifts and learn skills that will prepare and help them for higher levels of education. In addition to instruction in the academic core subject areas, students in our middle school also have the following opportunities:

Academic Competitions

  • Bible Quiz Team
  • Scrabble Team
  • Spelling and Geography Bees
  • Lutheran Schools Sci-Fest
  • Rosetta Stone online
  • Learning Center for students with learning difficulties

Fine Arts

  • Choir
  • Band
  • Plays, musicals, performances, and the Art Show.


  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Track Field Day
  • Cheerleading


  • Weekly and monthly chapel offering recipients
  • Kids Against Hunger
  • Variety of Christmas ministries
  • Service to the local congregation

Field Trips


Grades 5-8 Staff

Mr. Jeff Wallace

8th grade

Mr. Jeff Wallace

Mr. Wallace is originally from Danville, IL. He holds a B.A. degree from Concordia University and a Masters degree from Western Michigan University. He has 15 years of experience in Lutheran secondary education, previously in Stevensville, MI.

He looks forward to sharing the joy of living under the umbrella of God's grace each day. He teaches with a fast-paced, excited, and caring approach, and he makes it a point to bring his faith into his lessons and discussions. He wants his students to know that he is a Christian, that he loves his life and calling, and that they should know that they are his biggest priority.

Mr. Wallace and his wife Alli enjoy spending time with family and friends as much as possible. They share a love of sports, and enjoy watching their favorite sports teams. They follow the Chicago Cubs, Green Bay Packers, Boston Celtics, Chicago Blackhawks, the University of Illinois and Notre Dame.  



Mr. Mark Zimmer

7th Grade

Mr. Mark Zimmer

Mr. Zimmer, our athletic director and upper grades math teacher, earned his BA from Concordia River Forest and an MA from Indiana University. This year is his 39th year in the teaching ministry. His first eleven years in the teaching ministry were spent at Wyneken Lutheran School near Decatur, Indiana. His next five years in ministry were at St. Paul's Lutheran School in Kankakee, Illinois. For the past eighteen years, he has served at St. John.

His wife Ivonne, is the business manager and development director at St. John. They have two children who are both married.  One resides in Indianapolis and one in Chicago. Mark and Ivonne have five grandchildren. He is an avid outdoorsman. He especially enjoys deer hunting and fishing at the family cottage in Saskatchewan.

Miss Jennifer Thomas

6th grade

Miss Jennifer Thomas

Miss Thomas was born in Fort Wayne, IN. She holds a B.A. degree from Concordia University and has six years of experience teaching in Lutheran secondary education. Her previous position was in St. Petersburg, FL.

As a Lutheran educator, Miss Thomas feels her primary mission is to serve as a Christian witness to the students, parents, and other individuals she comes into contact with. This mission is incorporated into everything she does in the classroom, from praying with students to glorifying God by teaching about His marvelous creation. She believes her ministry is not limited to the classroom and likes to be involved in sports, music, drama, and other areas of the students' lives.

Miss Thomas is an avid reader and she loves being outside. In her spare time, you might be able to find her on one of the area bicycle trails.  

Mrs. Kristen McCartney

5th Grade

Mrs. Kristen McCartney

Mrs. McCartney earned her B.A. from Concordia University in St. Paul, MN. She is currently in her 29th year of teaching, all at St John Lutheran School. She serves as the Kdg-2nd Grade choir director and is also an organist at St. John Lutheran Church and Good Sherpherd Lutheran Church in Franklin.

Mrs. McCartney and her husband, Bill, have three children. She enjoys her family and friends and also enjoys traveling, gardening, and reading.