Grades K-2

Kindergarten-2nd Grade

K-2 classrooms are full of activity as we lay the building blocks for the coming years through our studies, activities, and hands-on experiences. In addition to Christian education, which is the focus of our studies, students receive instruction in all core subject areas, as well as opportunities in Music, Art, Physical Education, and Technology. Some of the highlights include:


  • Spelling Bee - Grades 1-2
  • National Geography Week Competition
  • Sci-Fest (Problem-Solving)
  • Music - Choir
  • Learning Center for students with learning difficulties


  • Assisting World Missions through Chapel Offerings
  • Mitten and Scarf Donations

Field Trips

On-Site Programs

  • Picnic Day
  • Spirit Week and Pep Assemblies
  • Thanksgiving Feast