Why St. John

What makes St. John Lutheran School different?

Choosing the right school for your child can be hard. There are so many factors that play into the decision on where your child should learn and grow.

So, what makes St. John Lutheran School different?

  • We share the belief that each child is a unique creation of God and loved by God. 
  • School is an environment that includes a support system, a place of relationship building, intelligence gathering, spiritual strengthening and life changing experiences.
  • A safe and caring Christian environment, experienced and committed teachers and staff, a fully departmentalized middle school, and small class sizes at all grade levels. 
  • Christian faith permeates all aspects of our school life. We have weekly chapel worship services, daily lessons in faith, and continuous connecting of the Word of God.
  • Our educational program is accredited by the State of Indiana and the National Lutheran Schools Accreditation. We’ve also been given an “A” rating by the Indiana Department of Education.

A Place for Your Children

Dear Prospective Parent,
Thank you for your interest in St. John Lutheran School. I have a strong belief in faith-based education. My husband and I have five children that have attended or are attending St. John. I love most the camaraderie, friendships and deep bonds created throughout the years at St. John. These are the intangibles that you cannot measure but would have a void without them.
A St. John School education transcends everyday school life, welcoming students, and their families into a warm Lutheran faith community. We are a school where your child will be safe and well cared for, but also flourish personally and intellectually. I look forward to getting to know your family throughout the application process.
The best way to understand what makes St. John Lutheran School the special place that it is, is to schedule a school tour.  This tour will include a look at our building and a time to answer your questions.
Whether you are looking for Prekindergarten or Kindergarten through 8th grade, you'll learn firsthand how faith and study infuses our classrooms. Family is an integral part of a St. John education, and we seek families who take a strong interest in their children's development and who will partner with us to support their children's education. 

Our Admission process is the following:
      1. Schedule a tour of our school: When you come for the tour, please bring with you a copy of your child's latest report card, and test scores and IEP (if applicable), we would like to see that as well.

      2. After the tour, we will send you a link to apply. 
      3. Sign up and attend a required Shadow Day. This allows your child to get a taste of St. John, as well as an opportunity for our teachers to see how he/she interacts with the class and where he/she is academically. We will also do a benchmark test while here.

Once all of that is completed and processed, we will let you know if they have been accepted at St. John.

If you would like more information regarding St. John Lutheran School, please complete the following form. It would be my pleasure to introduce your family to the family of St. John Lutheran School. I look forward to speaking with you. 
Heidi Mielke
Admissions Coordinator